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Xchange Adds To The List Of CRM Point Solutions' Casualties
Xchange's protracted troubles and its recent inglorious demise and subsequent auctioned sellout may prove the fact that the CRM point providers without a clear

action buttons  of the customer, and action the direct marketing via the Xchange 9 platform, which is in contrast to leveraging historical information using traditional data mining tools or writing complex SQL-based queries to produce new predictive models long after the marketing opportunity has past. In addition to full integration with EDM, Xchange 9 included the following new capabilities compared to Xchange 8: Single Sign-On Request Runner Utility the ability to run campaigns on demand using a simple command line Read More
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » action buttons

AuraPortal: A BPM Vendor Worth Checking Out
AuraPortal, a new business process management (BPM) vendor, offers a solution that creates business process execution models without the need for heavy IT

action buttons  a wide range of action buttons for process tracking, queries, triggers, links, planning, flow deviations, e-mail tests, links, automatic documents with process context data, system tasks, etc. AuraPortal Form Editor is one of the most powerful tools in the market (see figure 8). It provides a variety of functionalities, without the need for programming. Its distinct Dynamic Activated Divisions (DAD) feature permits users to have a vast amount of information on the same screen—dynamically activated Read More
Critical Business Functions: Misunderstood, Underutilized, and Undervalued Part Two: Closing the Circle of Credit and A/R Management
Using credit and A/R management as a sales tool requires defining goals and measuring results. Determining the competitive landscape and using A/R management

action buttons  senior manager if legal action is the next logical step. Trigger Points : While dates drive a typical contact manager and certainly dates will drive an A/R Management application once first contact has been made, the trigger that will drive the first contact with a customer (concerning a newly identified overdue invoice) will be an event. Smaller companies could get by with a very limited number of event types, while larger organizations may want to take full advantage of the fact that any one of several Read More
Six Game Changers about SaaS
For many manufacturers, implementing on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems involves delays, unexpected costs, and unsatisfying results. But over

action buttons  Implementation | SaaS in Action | Enterprise Resource Planning Functions | Manufacturing ERP | Process Manufacturing ERP | ERP Manufacturing Process Software | Discrete Manufacturing ERP | ERP Manufacturing Module | ERP System Vendors | MRP ERP Systems | ERP Implementation Methodology | Okay Industries ERP System | Okay Industries Case Study | Implementing ERP | Jagemann Stamping Company ERP System | Jagemann Stamping Company Case Study | SaaS ERP Software | Pay-as-You-Go Model | ERP Service on Demand | Read More
Is SSA GT Betting Infini(um)tely On Acquisitions? Part Three: Complementary Products
At a first glance, one can even notice that the complementary nature of some SSA GT products and Infinium products may indeed provide a ‘kick for a buck

action buttons  surprise whatsoever, SSA GT's action might have an additional meaning. Although the acquisition of Infinium should have little impact on the global market in the short run, it might have an important psychological effect on existing aged AS/400 customer enclaves, that with this little empire in rebuilding, should obtain a further sigh of relief. The AS/400 platform is also getting a new lease of life from J2EE enhancement, providing a sound alternative to up and coming Microsoft .NET platform and to its Read More
Small and Medium Businesses: The Threat Landscape and the Plan of Action
The threats faced by small to medium businesses (SMBs) are multidimensional and must be handled differently from big enterprises, given the smaller number of

action buttons  and the Plan of Action The threats faced by small to medium businesses (SMBs) are multidimensional and must be handled differently from big enterprises, given the smaller number of personnel dedicated to look after them. The ideal security software for SMBs looking to protect their information systems would be the combination of antivirus, antispam, and content security solutions, combined with a powerful network firewall. Find out why it works. Read More
Incident Handling and Response Capability: An IT Security Safeguard Part 1: Are You Ready to Support an Incident Response Capability?
The Internet has few boundaries, thus each business is required to build and implement their own safeguards. Unfortunately, most IT department's requests for

action buttons  the next course of action would probably be to take the website off-line, restore the original file, and put it back on-line. Would there be any type of investigation to determine the cause of the defacement, will anyone look for hidden programs or malicious code introduced at the time the website was defaced? If someone working inside the company caused this, how would it be handled? Without an Incident Handling process, this type of activity can and will be repeated and could damage the company's Read More
ROI Case Study: Ultimus Workflow Suite
In the past few years, the number of county employees at the Prince William County Government in Virginia (US) has grown significantly, but with few additions

action buttons  its agencies process personnel action forms (PAFs) more efficiently, reduce mistakes, limit paper use, and provide a central repository for PAFs. Read More
SAS and Action-Oriented Business Processes: Alliances, Partnerships, and Acquisitions
Combining deep analytics with BI solution functionality, expanding in certain verticals, and by acquiring several well thought out companies, have been key for

action buttons  then analyze and take action on customer data, will bring to the market a solution that continually improves both the efficiency and effectiveness of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing investments. It will allow marketers to possibly achieve significant cost savings and increased revenues from their marketing activities. In other words, the resulting offering should enable B2C marketing teams to execute more and better targeted campaigns with less human and financial resources, to make better strategic Read More
What Makes a Good White Paper Good… (Part 4)
Here's the final point in a series of four aimed at identifying a

action buttons  decision. The call to action doesn’t have to be overt (an imperative laden with a school principal’s authority), but it should lead the reader towards implementing a solution. Basically, telling readers that a problem exists isn’t enough—the white paper should also tell them how to solve that problem, in a manner that is more targeted and concrete than the introduction. The conclusion (as conclusions generally do) summarizes both the problem and the solution . White papers that aim to go beyond Read More
Oracle’s Agile PLM Going Mobile
To address visibility into product lifecycle management (PLM) processes at any time or from anyplace and extend its support for complex product lifecycle

action buttons  issues, complaints, supplier corrective action requests (SCARs), nonconformance reports (NCRs), corrective action and preventative action (CAPA); and PLM Audit Management with access to audits, findings, and all related objects and data in PLM including customer complaints, field requests, and problem reports. By enabling users to securely review, respond, and react from any location, the new release also supports organizations with outsourced manufacturing and process suppliers by enabling them to Read More
Action Plan for PCB Fabricators in North America and Europe
The printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing market has changed, as production shifts from Europe and North America to countries in Asia. As markets migrate to

action buttons  Plan for PCB Fabricators in North America and Europe The printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing market has changed, as production shifts from Europe and North America to countries in Asia. As markets migrate to these low-cost suppliers, how can a PCB manufacturer in Europe or North America compete? The best opportunities lie in high value-added products and services that can’t be easily duplicated. Learn more about taking the lead with new technologies and processes. Read More
So You Have To Fire Someone. Now What?
While firing people on TV seems to be fairly straightforward, terminating somebody for real can be one of the most difficult things a manager has to do

action buttons  organization from potential legal action. Read More
Digital Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande
The U. S. Congress passed a bill making digital signatures legal in commerce. Canada's provinces are in the midst of taking the same action

action buttons  Code and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act that are worked out between the states and then generally adopted to assure that business rules stay largely the same from state to state. There is already a draft Uniform Electronic Transactions Act being developed by the National Conference Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws The newly passed Federal law contains a number of protections for those who retain their fondness for paper. All parties to a contract must agree to the use of electronic record Read More
SAP NetWeaver and Globalization: Meeting Local and Global Requirements
Rapid changes in international markets—and mounting pressures to reduce costs and improve quality—make globalization a key issue for most organizations today

action buttons  an enterprise, demanding immediate action. Globalization requires that companies enable core business processes on a global basis, while providing ease of use for local user communities. Read More

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