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Best Practices for ERP Implementation
Is your organization just beginning an enterprise resource planning (ERP) project, in mid-installation, or trying to recover from a failed or stalled

installation  planning (ERP) project, in mid-installation, or trying to recover from a failed or stalled implementation? Download this white paper to learn some strategies for successful ERP software implementation, including common ERP pain points (and how to avoid them), key considerations for new ERP projects, differentiators of best-in-class ERP implementations, and tips to make your ERP implementation more successful. Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » installation

Maximize the Green Efficiency of Multi-Site National Rollouts of Technology
The service industry consumes millions of gallons of fuel and expends trillions of pounds of carbon monoxide each year as trucks roll to installation and

installation  as trucks roll to installation and service locations. Eliminating unnecessary travel is one way service companies can help protect the environment, and meet environmental compliance requirements. Discover a methodology that can help you reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption and carbon monoxide emissions. Read More
Getting Past Third Base with Your Consultant
You have a consultant booked. The booking is for the installation of and training on a new system, or perhaps an upgrade or augmentation of an existing system

installation  booking is for the installation of and training on a new system, or perhaps an upgrade or augmentation of an existing system. There are several techniques that will enable you to reap maximum return on this investment, and they start long before you first clap eyes on your consultant. Here’s a scenario: you’re reasonably happy with the out-of-the-box reports your system spits out, but you want more from them. You could pay your vendor to create additional reports, no problem. Except that this Read More
File Transfer Consulting
File Transfer Consulting provides managed file transfer and secure file transfer installation, integration, and training services to companies of all sizes. It

installation  and secure file transfer installation, integration, and training services to companies of all sizes. It specializes in deployments with multiple vendors, and its consultants help to consolidate, migrate, or expand systems with more experienced personnel, at a lower cost than any vendor can provide. Read More
Caution! Will A Traditional ERP System Help You Deliver Projects?
Companies who build specifically for a customer have unique requirements that are often not understood or dealt with well by some ERP vendors, particularly in

installation   Then there's commissioning and installation post manufacture. Project manufacturers may have to put extensive planning and effort in to what happens after work in the factory is finished. A manufacturer of boilers, say, may have to involve contractors, testing agencies, hauliers, and extensive labour, all to commission the project. Yet volume manufacturers- once more- see things in a different light. They presume that product is commoditised; that it can be distributed to users, re-sellers and other Read More
E-Mail Enabled Groupware
Through implementing a

installation   having a 78% ISP installation presence. Sendmail offers strong security and enhanced message-transfer processing coupled with a low acquisition cost. Market Challengers Due to the secure choke-hold that Novell, Microsoft and Lotus have on the groupware enabled e-mail market, any challengers have been removed. The competition emanates from within. Lotus and Microsoft break new ground with each new release while Novell's GroupWise struggles to maintain its existing client base. GroupWise is packed with Read More
ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market Part Three: User Recommendations
Companies that are project manufacturers, engineer-to-order (ETO), build-to-order, jobbing shops or contract manufacturers should think carefully when selecting

installation  activities and commissioning and installation to arrange before and after manufacturing respectively. Also, it is not a mere scope of the planning that differs in repetitive and project manufacturing, since there are other major differences in the way that these environments approach planning. First, project manufacturers tend not think in elapsed time, given they calculate effort. For example, if a project is estimated to have one hundred hours worth of installation, it could mean one person deployed Read More
The Cha(lle)nging World of Value-added Resellers
In today's cutthroat business environment, value-added reseller aspirants are seeing the need for faster deployment, improved systems quality, better cost

installation  would then service these installations for a long time, which meant a comfortable, recurring revenue stream. The market dynamics and requirements of today have changed dramatically. Now, it is all about understanding business, and not merely technology, all within an atmosphere of cutthroat competition. Previously, firms did not have the pressure to uncover new leads that the VARs of Microsoft , Sage Software , SAP , Oracle , IBM , Infor , Exact Software , Epicor Software , SYSPRO , Salesforce.com , Read More
The Old ERP Dilemma - Should We Install The New Release?
If you have an older ERP system, and you have decided to continue to pay maintenance, you should be getting periodic releases from the vendor. The frequency of

installation  providing information on the installation process. This is important knowledge but is often scrubbed to minimize the negatives. Second, talk to your trusted advisor on the vendor's hot line. They typically know the real life problems that others are having. With both of these sources of information, you are leveraging the experience of others. That assumes that others have installed the new release before you did. In general, waiting is a very good policy. A CIO friend has a firm policy that she does not Read More
The Art Of Distributed Development Of Multi-Lingual Three-Tier Internet Applications
In this article we describe author's experience with the distributed development of multi-lingual three-tier Java/ CORBA/database Internet applications. We

installation  were not available for installation on the remote development site. For that reason, simple stubs were developed to emulate the behavior of previously developed but unavailable, CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and database applications. In addition, the application had to support multiple spoken languages, thus the developed software had to be internally independent of any particular spoken language. In this article we describe a number of useful tips and tricks of trade that may be help Read More

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